Friday, January 8, 2010

Turner Acrylic Gouache Set of 36

Here’s my new paint set from Mr. Man! I mean, Santy Claus! J Isn’t it just gorgeous? I don’t know how I’ll let myself open and use them, because I just *love* virgin paint sets!! OTOH, I am excited to see how the velvet-y matte paint looks on a sheet of Arches Text Wove or Rives BFK. Yummy!!

Lucky Dog


  1. I can see why you would want to leave your lovely gouache as is and never use it. Maybe frame it in a shadow box as decor in your studio? I have lost myself playing with my art supplies as objects. For instance, I can sit in front of TV arranging items in spectrum order with no regard for what program is on. For hours. Especially fun (and challenging!) was my set of 120 Prismacolor pencils.

    I think this is because "the creative mind plays with the objects it loves." ~Carl Jung

  2. I see that your letter to 'Santy Claus' reached the 'North Pole' and he brought your desired set of gouache. You Lucky Dog!