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Recipe -- Popcorn Balls

This is one of my very most favorite recipes.  It makes absolutely delicious, chewy popcorn balls.  (Or pieces, if you don’t want to form them into balls.)  (I usually don’t.)

And it’s easy!  No candy thermometer needed.

I try to make them for Halloween every year, so it’s kind of goofy that I’m posting this in December.  But it’s delicious any time of the year to me!  (One year I made them for myself for my birthday instead of a cake!)

I found this recipe in a cookbook put out by a calligraphy guild, maybe in Utah.  I can’t remember.  I wish I knew who to credit better, because it really has become one of my favorites.

Here’s the recipe:


4 qt. popcorn, already popped

1 c. real butter (2 sticks)
1⅓  c. sugar
½ c. light corn syrup (Karo)

2 c. chopped pecans
1 t. vanilla

Put the popped popcorn in a giant mixing bowl. 
(I use the cover/lid to my Tupperware cake holder)

Melt the butter in a medium saucepan. 
Add the sugar and corn syrup. 
(I use a long handled wooden spoon to stir with.)

Bring to a boil and simmer for 3 minutes.

Take it off the heat.  Add the vanilla and blend well. 
(It  kinda erupts--don't freak out.  :)

Add the pecans and mix well.

Pour this over the popcorn and mix well.
(I use that long wooden spoon for extra leverage.)

Let stand 2 minutes to cool. 

Either pour out onto a Silpat-covered cookie sheet to be broken into pieces when cool, or with dampened hands, make into small balls. 

(If I make it into popcorn balls, I leave the water on just a trickle, and re-wet my hands a little before making each ball.) 

It's delicious, and SIMPLE.


Lucky Dog

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