Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hostess Hangover

I must have Hostess Hangover... I’m so LE (low-energy) today! Last night I hosted our local calligraphy guild’s party, and while I did not “imbibe”, I got all wound up and couldn’t get to bed at a decent hour. Thus, this feeling of sludge all day.

Besides, I have long-maintained a theory of “After Every Up, There Must Be a Down”.

Today was my Down, and I sure didn’t feel like cooking tonight. If I had been thinking straight (which is hard to do with sludge brain), I’da begged Mr. Man to bring something home. But I didn’t, and not wanting a frozen entrée, I did the next easiest thing: I got out my can opener. J

I guess it’s the lack of sleep and subsequent low serotonin levels that made me crave carbs, or the fact that we are anticipating another snowstorm on Thursday, cuz it’s got me thinking Hearty Dishes, not salads.

And other than take-out or frozen, you can hardly get much easier than good ol’ Chili-Mac. Oh, my 7-Can Soup might be easier. (You literally open 7 cans, dump ‘em in a pot, and heat.) But tonight’s carb craving dictated a different tack, and my pantry said Chili Mac. Cook a pound of macaroni, drain it, and add 2 cans of chili and 2 cans of chili beans. Heat thoroughly. Easy peasy. Simple pimple.

I add some water, too, so that it doesn’t dry out, like a cup or so. If you get it too wet, you can boil it off--if it starts drying out on ya, you can always add some more. You can put some chopped onions or grated cheese on top, if you want.

Sounds like good eats for a snowstorm to me.
I guess I’m just a little early.

Lucky Dog


  1. Oh, yum. Can I come over for dinner???

    Linda Epstein (from Cyberscribes)

  2. Any time! I'll put the coffee on... :)