Friday, January 27, 2012

Favorite Products--Balneol

Balneol -- soothing relief for “down there”.

Today’s favorite product is a bit more,
shall we say, delicate in nature.

And yet, because I want the best for y'all,
we won’t let that stop us from sharing about it, will we?? ♥

I truly think everyone needs to keep this in their medicine cabinet, just in case.

What is it?  It’s a product named Balneol. 
It’s a cream for your bottom. 

No, not for your sweet creamy alabaster skin,
but down there where you wipe. 

See…?  I said this was over in delicate territory!  J

If you’ve ever had too much diarrhea from a virus or food poisoning (or whatever)…  you know how it can really start to hurt down there with all that wiping.

Well, Balneol to the rescue.  It is beyond soothing…!

You take some toilet paper and squeeze some product on and wipe away.  It make take a couple of times to do the trick.
(or to get you clean)

I use fresh TP squares for each wipe. 
(I think this maintains the cleanliness of the product bottle tip)

Now, I don’t put these used TP squares down the toilet, for fear of stopping up the plumbing.  I discreetly wrap it up in some more TP and throw it in the trash.

Ahhh… such relief! 

Especially if you have other downstairs issues. 
Troubles down there can come from all sorts of things,
and not everyone knows about this stuff!

I find it at Walgreen’s in the fiber and Preparation-H-type area.  It’s a little pricey, maybe $13, but sooooo worth it.  ‘Cause who hasn’t had too much “D” on occasion?

So… quietly, but surely, spread the word. 
I’m pretty sure someone you know needs to know about this.

Balneol.  It is truly another good thing.  J

Lucky Dog ♥

Friday, January 20, 2012


My name is Lucky Dog
And I love Pinterest.
If you haven’t already gotten hooked,
allow me introduce you to

And you don’t even need to join to enjoy it. 
I haven’t.

I just go to their website,
browse through all the things on their opening page,
and I’m happy for hours.

Well, not really hours, but you get the drift.

There are the most gorgeous photos
of vacation spots, decorating ideas,
fantasy dresses and dream rooms… 

...things that I will enjoy only on Pinterest
 in my lifetime, to be sure!

But there are also great tips,
wonderful quotes, and the best recipes…

I learn something new every time I visit.

If you see something you like,
you can click on it and see who “pinned” it. 
Then if you click the image again, it takes you to its source.
(usually a blog) 

That’s where I get the recipes or instructions for whatever it is.

(I usually open up the photo in a new window,
‘cause I’ve noticed when I click to go back
to the Pinterest page,
it has reloaded and looks completely different.)

You can also “search” on Pinterest. 
For example, I could search on cats or knitting or blue…
 and find a whole ‘nother batch of lovelies to enjoy.

But usually the opening page is enough fun for me.  J

It’s a fabulous place to go
for new, fresh input and gobs of inspiration!


Lucky Dog

All photos were found on Pinterest.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Knitting II

Some of you have asked me 
why I have been taking knitting classes lately,
when I've been knitting for so many years.

Well…  most of the time,
when you learn how to knit, it’s a one-session class.

They just teach you how to cast on,
how to do the knit stitch, how to do the purl stitch
and how to bind off. 

Then you generally knit the obligatory scarf.  J

And if you’re still interested in knitting after that,
 you move on to project classes. 

A hat, a pair of mittens, a felted purse, maybe on to socks…

I did all that...

But I never really felt like I was gaining
a systematic knowledge of the subject. 

It all felt very much like a crazy quilt in my mind. 
This and that, here and there--very haphazard.

And then, a friend of mine happened to tell me
about the knitting class she was taking.
  She said she learned how to fix a dropped stitch. 
I didn’t know how to do that. 

She said she had learned how to make a buttonhole.
 I didn’t know how to do that. 

Needless to say, I signed up for the next class the next day.  J
And the teacher even has a Knitting II class. 
What a treat.  Also 4 sessions.

We had our first class of Knitting II the other night,
and for our homework she had us exploring Texture Stitches.

Our samples included the seed stitch,
the moss stitch, mistake rib, and the trinity stitch,
AKA the raspberry or bramble stitch. 

Texture Stitches, by nature, are patterns
that mainly use just the knit and purl stitches
and they lay nice and flat. 

It’s amazing what changing the order of these 2 stitches can produce.

Oh, and my faux fur stole that I started last fall? 
I finished it!  I bound off on New Year’s Eve. 
I just barely had a FO for 2011.

 (FO = finished object.  UFO = unfinished object.  J !)

Knitting is such a great balance for my art. 
I can do it in the evenings in my lap in front of the TV. 

I don’t have to be the Designer. 
I can just relax and let the repetition
of making the stitches boost my seratonin levels.

Unless I’m working on my lace. 
Then I have to be on high alert. 
I joke that knitting lace is easy unless you find a mistake.  J

And I found a doozy of a mistake
in my lace shawl last month. 
Consequently I am becoming quite expert
at unknitting Rowan Kidsilk Haze.   <sigh>

They say it can’t be done, but it can. 
I had to unknit 10 rows last month,
so I know it can be done. 

And it wasn’t just knit and purl stitches, either! 

 (And, yes, I use lifelines.  Didn’t help.  L )

That’s why most knitters have several
projects going on at once...

A challenging one, an easy one,
and perhaps even a small portable one,
 for doctor’s appointments, etc.

And that’s why I even have 2 different lace projects going on. 
My original, challenging shawl, and a 2nd easier scarf to work on.

And now that my faux fur stole is finished,
 I need a new mindless, easy project. 
We’ll see.

 I think I have some beautiful handpainted mohair that has volunteered.  J


Lucky Dog

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Hellooooo possums!!! 
(said in my best Dame Edna voice)  J

Gosh, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?
So much has happened!
But it was really really good to have the time off. 
I needed that, apparently. J

So, Happy 2012!!  How have you all been?
Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?
Any new goals?

I have only made one resolution, so far,
and that is to stop using a particular word.
We don’t cuss, but there’s one word
that’s a little too close for me,
and I’m tired of having that word in my life.

(it rhymes with wrap)

And I’m just wanting my speech
to be a bit purer, I guess.
And what a gross word, anyway.
I much prefer “phooey”.  J

What else?
Oh!  I have a new knitting class this month
that I’m looking forward to. 

(to which I am looking forward--for some of you,
and you know who you are!  LOL)

I took Knitting I in November,
and now this month will be Knitting II.
I am very excited about it.  (!)

I received several knitting books for Xmas
(for the non-beginner, but not quite yet experienced)
and the most incredible set of handmade pastels.
120 different colors!!!

What did you get??
It’s embarrassing to be so blessed
and get “toys” for Xmas, isn’t it?

Speaking of toys,
I have resisted getting an iPad2 so far.
We’ll see how long I can hold out.

Surely Mr. Man will upgrade his iPhone
this next time and maybe I’ll inherit his old one.
I’m sooooo not techno,
it would probably be wasted on me, though.
Right now I have a cell phone
that I forget to turn on half the time,
but it’s there if I ever need to call 911.
That’s about my speed.  J

So far I haven’t felt the need to be
as “connected” as is popular these days,
but I think that’s because
Mr. Man has his iPhone on him
when we’re out together.

Like I said, we’re so blessed.
Isn’t it so American to be wondering
if I should upgrade to this or that?
Good grief!

Now, on the blog front….. 
I’m not sure what I want to do
for my blog for 2012.

I’m thinking I’m gonna just
let the spirit move me this year.
Just post whenever.

OTOH, a TGIF entry sounds fun--
post only on Fridays, but not necessarily every Friday. 
Hmmm…. I may try that. 

Until further notice,
look for me on Fridays.  
Hopefully, that will be convenient for everyone.

My time off taught me many things.
First of all, I’ve learned through having this blog
 that I don’t have as many words in me
as I thought I did.

But there are some things,
especially some more favorite products,
that I really do want to mention…

But this year,
I think I want to experiment a little
with how I approach my blog.
I hope y’all don’t mind.  (!) 

Again, I don’t really know what that means,
but maybe we can find out together.  ♥

In the meantime,
I sincerely hope that 2012 is
a fabulous year for ALL of us.
Heaven knows some of us could really enjoy that, right?

We joke about the Mayan calendar
and the world ending next December 21st,
but they say it’s healthy to live a bit
as if there’s no tomorrow.

(As long as you have your insurances
and retirement fund in place, right? -- hahaha)

So, what’s on your Bucket List??

Maybe 2012 is the year
for crossing some of those things off. 
Maybe I should begin by making a bucket list. 
LOL  I’ve never really had one. 

Oh, once I decided that I wanted to go to
a pawn shop someday, so I did,
and it was a downer.
But I got it crossed off, that’s for sure.

Why was I wanting to see inside a pawn shop, anyway??
Oh well. 
You can’t pick these things, you know… 
you discover them!

Okay, didn’t mean to get into novel mode on ya.  J
I just wanted to check in and say:

TGIF!!  Happy New Year!!
And God bless you and yours!!

Lucky Dog