Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm So Happy to See You!!!

Well, today was way too exciting, and not the good kind. I lost my memory card from my camera that was full of all my photos. Full, I tell you! I looked and looked and looked again. I searched the obvious places and the obscure. I ransacked all my drawers and even stripped the sheets off the bed. I looked for hours upon hours.

Thank heavens, Mr. Man finally found it. Even then, it was after I had gone through two bags of trash and after he searched the whole downstairs. He was swinging the flashlight around the carpet and “happened” to see a corner of it peeking from behind the pedestal sink in the powder room. The powder room! Exactly where I would expect to find a memory card that I had been using in the master suite. (Not.)

I suspect a feline had too much fun in the night, if you ask me. A feline whose name is Mud at the moment. Actually, I’m just glad I can finally quit stressing and put the trash out. (This would happen on Trash Day.)

Whew. Yes, way too much excitement.

Lucky Dog


  1. I know, right? (I love using teen vernacular!) We lost a pair of season concert tickets and turned the place over like you describe. They have been gone for two months until the other day. I took out the fridge drawers to clean and voila! We figure they came un-magneted from the freezer door, but still. Who thinks to look there??

  2. What a joy to read your blogs...deriving joy and smiles just from reading about the missing memory card. You certainly have a gift!