Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sweet Blessings

I found this on Pinterest today.

And check out the website in the corner:

She has a blog, an Etsy store,
and some great printables on her site.

Too much fun!

Lucky Dog

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Cure for Elbow Pain

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet! 

I finally stumbled upon The Cure for golfer’s or tennis elbow!!!

It’s the TheraBand FlexBar.  (the red one)

I had googled and searched Amazon for answers, but somehow had always missed this.  But once I found it on Amazon and read the reviews, well, let’s just say I couldn’t order it fast enough.

And the instructions say to do so many reps once a day…  I must confess, I didn’t.  I just did “some” and it still worked for me!!!

And I promise you, I could feel that it helped me the very first time I used it.  I don’t see how that is possible, but it’s true.  Who knows?  Maybe it “released” something.  All I know is, it’s the closest thing to a miracle, without being a real miracle.

And it was $15ish, less than one co-pay!  And with Amazon Prime, I had it within 2 days.  All of life’s problems should be solved this easily.

Do you want to calculate how much I spent at the physical therapy place 2 years ago for my then-golfer’s elbow?  16 visits, $20 a pop?  Yeah.  I coulda had an iPad.  

And they didn’t even fix me!  I still hurt after all those appointments, 3X a week, 2 hours each time.  (All that money and all that time!)

But this thing really works.  And I don’t know why we all don’t know about it.  Once I read the Amazon reviews about it being featured in a NY Times blog article back in 2009, it seems that word would get out.  (That blog article was written 2 years before all my PT appts!  <aarrgghh!!>)

Well, I’m doing my part -- trying to spread the word.  J !!

So!  If you know someone with tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, give them this link, and let them read about it for themselves.

(Or you could google “Tyler Twist” and “TheraBand Flex Bar”.)

It has 488 reviews, so there’s lots to check out.  But I’d bet that if your elbow’s hurting, you order it before you read too very far.

Mr. Man had a mild case of golfer’s elbow, and this cleared it right up for him, too.

And then if you knit too much, or work outside and overdo it and your elbow starts hurting again, just pull out your flexbar, do a few reps while you watch TV, and there ya go.  Problem and solution.

Too bad I didn’t know about this months and years and $$$ ago, but at least I finally found the answer.  And now I can lift that gallon of water with no pain.  Yay!!!

Lucky Dog

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 RV Show and Bargain Expo!

Mr. Man and I went to the big RV show
out at the State Fairgrounds this past weekend!!

Oh my goodness, some of them are so fancy and decked out!  And most of them are absolutely so huge, I can’t imagine how people drive them!

They had all kinds, of course.  We saw the very basic Sportsman Classic, that Uncle Si won on the donut eating contest episode of Duck Dynasty.  It wasn’t fancy, but for a weekend of stargazing in dark sky territory, it would work quite well for Mr. Man.

(That’s the dream, of course.)

And then we saw one that was a bit bigger and nicer than that, at twice the cost.  And it was really roomy feeling.

We never saw any cute pop-ups, but we sure saw some huge RV’s!  Oh my soul.  Slide-outs, and drop-down decks.  Outdoor grills with outdoor TVs and outdoor sinks right next to them!  And virtually all of them had built-in awnings, some with nice rope lights along the top.

Ironically, our favorite was not one that you drove, but one that you towed behind your big truck.  (We don’t have a truck.)

It was pricey, but not compared to a huge Winnebago, which is easily 6 figures plus.  But it was decked out like one of the new, fancy homes that we saw at the Parade of Homes this year!

Can you believe it??

Yeah, I told Mr. Man, that this would do quite nicely indeed.  I would be very happy, parked in the leather easy chair, sitting in front of the faux fireplace watching TV and knitting.

Come and get me when you’re finished.  The little dog and I will be right here.

(So much for being out in nature, or whatever people go RV’ing for!  LOL)

Oh, well.  A girl can dream, can’t she??

Lucky Dog

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Knitting Bumper Sticker

Oh, that's so true!!

Lucky Dog

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tub or Shower??

It had to be done.  It was time. 
The bathtub needed to be cleaned.  

Not that we use it.  

As in ever.   <aarrgghh!!>

And I don’t really mind cleaning it so much, it’s just that it’s so crummy to have to clean something that we don’t even use.  If I’m gonna get down on my hands and knees to clean the CrAzY thing, it should be something that we have at least enjoyed using. 

"That’s alls I’m saying is all."   J

And I’m afraid that back when we lived in San Antonio for so long, with its daily aquifer level reports, that I got positively nutty about wasting water while we lived there. 

So you can imagine how much it practically hurts me to fill that bathtub up twice, and run the whirlpool jets, just to clean out all the gunk.  Especially when we haven’t even used it!!

It’s those crazy jets, I tell you.  If I could, I would “blink” this into a regular soaking tub.  Those jets are trouble!

It’s almost enough to make me switch from showers to baths, just so I can get something out of the whole process. 

And they think I should do this twice a month!  
<aaarrrggghhh!!>   Such a waste.

But very nice results...!   J

Lucky Dog  ♥