Thursday, March 28, 2013

All You Can Do Is All You Can Do

Here's another piecelet that I made with Sharpies,
glue dots and glitter.

I like this quote.

It goes along with another favorite of mine:
"It is what it is."

I love quotes.
And I love collecting quotes.

And I love that I don't have to dust them.

Lucky Dog

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Duck Dynasty

When I was watching TV the other day, I flipped past this show and saw these rednecks with their long, scruffy beards, but I never stopped long enough to watch.

I am clearly not into duck hunting, so I changed channels.

Then later I heard Eric Harley, of the Red Eye Radio Show, mention how much he likes it.  Well, since I enjoy Eric and Gary on their show so much, I thought, maybe there’s more to this than I thought!

I looked them up on Wiki, read all about it, and tuned in.  

Sure enough, I am their newest fan.  J

It’s the #1 non-scripted show on TV, and the season premiere in February broke all kinds of records with 8.6 million viewers.

But what surprised me the most was the daddy praying around the dinner table at the end of each episode.

How refreshing!  Good salt of the earth people thanking the Lord for their food on national TV??

Turns out their priorities are Faith, Family and Ducks, in that order.

Here are some links:

The daddy of the family, Phil, talks about his faith here:

And son Jase talks about his faith here: (8 min version)

The full version is located here:

And when I watched this interview, I realized -- merciful heavens, I recognize that background!  They’re at Oklahoma Christian University, a mile from our old house!!  I drive by that duck pond all the time! 

I had no idea he’d ever been here, much less 2 weeks ago!
Small world.

Anyway, it’s nice to have a new show to knit to and enjoy. 

They are a true American success story, and I never would’ve dreamt that they were millionaires.  What a hoot!

So if you haven’t tried it, you might give it a few minutes and see if you think the characters are super-colorful and fun to watch, too.

Lucky Dog

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Matthew 6 verse 34

please click to view a larger size

Hot off the drafting table!

These are too much fun
I love the feeling of Flow that I have
when I do this alphabet.

I plan to turn this into an accordion book..

if you have trouble with anxiety or worry
(like the rest of us!)

you might enjoy this:

Lucky Dog

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beautiful Butterflies

I saw this on FaceBook and shared it,
and got so many likes,
that I thought I would share it with you, too.

Isn't it just beautiful??

I wish I could buy a print...

Lucky Dog

Monday, March 11, 2013


Mr. Man and I went comet-gazing tonight!

We didn't go far.
We stayed in the city..

And we waited for the sun to set.
And waited.  And waited.

(It was a beautiful sunset with lots of rosy hues.)

Mr. Man finally saw the comet through his giant binoculars,
and while he set up his telescope,
I looked at it with the binos.

It was very fuzzy and very orange.
He took this photo by holding his iPhone up to the telescope.

Neither of us could see it with the naked eye.
Maybe tomorrow night.

It'll be near the crescent moon.

Lucky Dog

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Here's a different version from the other day,
and it even uses the word "blessed"!


Lucky Dog