Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lost Love

Yesterday I re-discovered my love for making Versal-like caps with colored pencils. How had I forgotten this??

This changes everything! J

I was inspired by Graham McArthur’s incredible work on his website to try combining my Versals with one of my abstract pastels. (Thanks, Graham!)

Coincidentally (or it that Serendipitiously?), the day before I received a note from Peter Thornton regarding his available workshops, and he wrote the whole thing out in his wonderful caps and Italic handwriting using a humble pencil.

These two things apparently collided in my brain without my realizing it.

I was ready to letter in gouache, as usual, and had even already mixed up some white to use for my Versals. But after I did my rough layout in pencil, I somehow thought to just go ahead and use a pencil for the final, too. (!)

After the first few letters, I was hooked!! J

I used a PrismaColor white colored pencil on Ingres Antique paper for the letters and PanPastels for the artwork.

What else can I tell you? The letters are about ½ inch tall, I guess, and the sheet of paper is 9 ½ x 12 inches big.

I haven’t played around with how I would crop it in a mat, because I probably won’t bother to mat or frame this. It was just an experiment.

And the photographs I took are crummy, as usual. The piece looks a lot different in person than in the photo. Don't they always? Sigh. (Insert whining about my point-and-shoot camera here.) J

And to make the letters, I drew the skeleton form of the letter, and using pressure and release, I weighted them accordingly.

Ha-ha! Didn’t that sound sooooo simple?! “I weighted them accordingly.” I wish!!

Anyway, that was what I did in the studio yesterday.

To new and old discoveries…

Lucky Dog


  1. I like this a lot. Where have I seen that quote recently? From Teri??? Good one!

  2. Looks really beautiful!

    I know what you mean: "I weighted them accordingly." I remember saying in a workshop on Versals, "Drawing letters rather than writing them gives you so many more ways to go wrong!" It's still true.

    Still ... hmmm, I think I'll go play around with Versals for a little while.

  3. Me too, Beth and Donna! It's been too long since I've done pencil letters! I was first inspired by PT also. Thanks for posting your lovely work!

  4. Your work - even with colored (or white) pencils - is BEAUTIFUL. I like the word 'serendipitiously' over 'coincidentally,' as one of my favorite quotes is "Always be open to serendipity!"

  5. Just beautiful! I love your piece. I've just learned how to do this and it is really fun!