Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Look who came by for a late breakfast! A buck. A boy deer, as evidenced by those antlers. We don’t see antlers much. The boys tend to stay outa sight.

I wish it were a better photo for you, but I just have a little point-and-shoot camera. I zoomed up on him as best I could, and then also had to crop the photo, so it’s not the best. It’s more of a documenting photo than an artistic one. But at least he looked up and posed for me. J

And really, I’d swear that he could sense the focusing beam, because right after I took this photo, I focused on him again, and while the camera was doing its focusing gyrations, he spooked and took off into the woods. So while I really wish this photo were better, I may have been lucky to have gotten it at all.

Lucky Dog

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  1. You have such a perfect area right out your back door and from your magnificent deck to take such 'lucky' photos. You Lucky Dog! *Ü*