Friday, January 15, 2010

Plaguing Questions

Okay, so I'm reading the Old Testament outloud, one chapter at a time, and I finished Genesis and am now into Exodus. I’m in the part with all the plagues. You know, Moses says to the Pharoah over Egypt, let us go into the wilderness to worship God, and Pharoah (not wanting to lose his free slave labor, I guess) says no way.

Thus the plagues. Let My people go or else, kind of a thing.

What I don’t get is, Pharoah says no and Moses causes a plague of, say, frogs, and what happens next? Pharoah’s magicians say, big deal, we can do that too, and they cause a ton of frogs to invade absolutely everywhere.

So I’m just wondering, why cause more frogs? Why make more of a bad thing? Why not use your powers to get rid of the stinkin’ frogs? Helloooo! No, let’s make more bloody water, more frogs. Oy.

And get this, later, when Moses asks Pharoah, okay, when do you want the frogs to be gone? Pharaoh says, tomorrow. Really? Tomorrow? How about right now?! Aarrgghh!

These are just some of the many questions I have.
It’s a long list. J

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