Monday, August 2, 2010

Wile E.

Well… we had an eventful weekend of sorts.

Actually, it has been an exciting week on many levels. For one thing, we have been very excited to see little raccoon babies finally come to our deck again for a little late night snack.

Why? Because we didn’t have hardly any raccoons coming there for awhile. L

I called Animal Control and they said that a lot of the raccoons coming through this Spring and Summer have had distemper, and that that is probably what happened to the ones in the woods behind us.

Bummer. I knew something was wrong. We had leftover dog food in the morning and that just doesn’t happen. You put out free food for the wildlife, and it’s always gone, right? Put it out and they will come.

Plus, this is the first May/June ever since we moved to Oklahoma that I haven’t had pregnant or nursing Momma raccoons come for food during the day. That was a huge red flag. And a major bummer. For us, anyway. These are our little “pets that don’t require a vet”. J

But now we have baby raccoons again. (Yay!) We apparently need to re-populate, thus our excitement over seeing some replacements. haha

But in addition to the raccoons, skunks, possums, squirrels and birds… we had a new visitor this weekend. It was of the rather large yellow canine variety. And no, it wasn’t our next-door neighbor’s lab.

It was a coyote.

Yup, a real coyote, right there on our deck.
Hmmmm..… Sort of exciting, but not good.

I saw it darting around on the deck, obviously freaking out that a human was watching him. Fortunately it came back a moment later so Mr. Man could see it, too. (I don’t want him to think I’m going completely insane.) Too bad the whole incident lasted about 10 seconds; I would’ve liked to get a photo.

Here is a photo from the internet that’s pretty close:

Soooooooo…. I guess that’s why we have gates for our deck, because those gates are now closed. Now the raccoons will have no problem slipping through the bars, but it should be a pretty good deterrent against coyotes.

I hope.

I’ll letcha know.

Lucky Dog J


  1. I saw one at the back corner of my neighbor's yard last Summer early one morning. They have a pile of loam they haven't moved and the critter was standing on it like King of the Hill. At first I thought it was a big dog, but then noticed he was a bit mangy looking. He watched me from his perch just like I was watching from the safety of the sunroom! First time I had ever seen one outside of a cartoon. And not something I thought I'd find in MA even in the rural town I live in.

  2. OH! Keep a close eye on your dog when he's outside! Coyotes are a problem even here in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago!

  3. I just love hearing about what's going on at your house ~ with you, Mr. Man, and the animals.

  4. My little dog doesn't go outside, he's paper-trained, so, , that's not a problem. But we have other pets in the neighborhood that we want to stay safe! Surely he was just passing through...