Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Night Objects

This is one of the night objects that we saw last week when we were out looking at the Perseids meteor shower.

It is the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy. That’s why I didn’t say “star” or “constellation”, for it is neither. It’s a whole ‘nother galaxy. I’m not sure I can wrap my brain around that. (!)

We drove about an hour out of town for darker skies, and were also rewarded with a beautiful view of the Milky Way. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it that clear and brilliant. If you haven’t seen it lately, make the time to get away from your local light pollution and see it again. It is truly awe-inspiring.

We also saw the Pleiades, a cluster of stars, and that night Jupiter was as bright as I’ve ever seen Venus. Most spectacular. As were the meteors, by the way. J

The coolest thing about stargazing, though, is how nice it is to be out in the Darkness and Quiet for hours. It’s very calming. I like it.

Mr. Man bought us two zero-gravity lawn chairs for stargazing, and they’re handy because you can lean all the way back and not crane your neck all night long.

It’s a great way to spend an evening and enjoy the wonder of God’s creation.

Lucky Dog J


  1. Love your pictures! The last night of viewing the Perseids (clouds and rain the previous 2 nights), my girlies and I spread a quilt on the grass, we had pillows and blankets as it was pretty chilly. We watched the show. Lots of ooohs and ahhss.

  2. Oh, forgot. Venus, Jupiter and Mars were in conjunction last week.

  3. Chilly? What's that? haha It's been over 100 for weeks now, it feels like. We've turned a corner I think, but it'll be 100 again this weekend. Aarrgghh...

    Glad you and the girlies had fun! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, Donna. These pictures are just beautiful. I wish I had seen this myself. What kind of camera did you use to catch the night sky so well? Linda E.

  5. I wish I could take credit, but these are NASA photos. Someday, maybe, I'll have a fancy DSLR...