Monday, August 30, 2010

For the Newbies

Well, I am still reading the Old Testament outloud. One chapter at a time. (I figured that would surely help me "get it".) J

I finally finished Numbers and am starting the 5th book in the Bible, Deuteronomy. Did you know that that word is made from the two words deutero (second) + nomos (law)?? I didn’t.

But knowing that, maybe I will remember the purpose of Deuteronomy, which was to repeat the Law to the new generation, who wasn’t there at Mount Sinai when Moses got it the first time.

Remember? The 1st generation of Israelites, the group that actually fled Egypt, all died out in the wilderness. And their children (the 2nd generation--the group that will actually go into the Promised Land) weren’t around for all that, and needed to be reminded of All Things Important.

Thus, the second giving of the Law, deutero + nomos, Second Law. Deuteronomy.

I just never heard that before. Live and learn.
Okay, onwards and upwards.

(I figure if I can make it through Leviticus,
I can make it through anything! Hahaha)

Lucky Dog J


  1. Just read in Deuteronomy 28 this morning! WOW ~ the blessings God has for us IF we are only obedient to Him.

  2. I tend to read aloud too when I am really trying to understand or remember the word of God. And, right you are, if you can make it through Leviticus . . . . :)