Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Floppy Ragdolls

This is a photo of our little Feisty Girl. And look!
She’s actually not being feisty, it’s, it’s like she’s relaxed.

Oh my, she’s turning into a Ragdoll. Finally.

The Ragdoll cat is a long-haired, supposedly laid back breed, and can be color-pointed like a Siamese. Ours are both seal colorpoints. The breed’s hallmark characteristic is their tendency to go limp and flop like a ragdoll, thus its name.

Our male can be so relaxed at times, it’s like he’s melted into a pool of butter. Granted, he has to be in the mood, but it’s often.

I remember when he was a kitten and was sound asleep, I’d pick him up and it was like he was dead. (Sometimes I really worried that he was dead!) Talk about limp, he was just a bag of bones. He grew out of that, but he can still have his relaxed moments.

But not this little girl. At least, not up ‘til now. But things are changing. She’s mellowing. She’s turning into the Ragdoll that she is. Not all the way, mind you, but a little bit. And for her, that’s a lot.

She doesn’t want to, but the poor thing can’t help it. It’s in her genes. She can’t fight it, even though I can tell she really wants to.

Laid back, relaxed… She doesn’t know what hit her.

And I’m not sure I even know who she is anymore. J haha

Lucky Dog


  1. Oh, I've always wanted a ragdoll! I've got a silver tabby Persian named Buster. He's a sweetie.

  2. Oh, a silver tabby! I love those!! Please kiss Buster for me! :)

  3. We have a cat that "showed up" at our door....she has all these qualities. She is so funny and my best 'cat' friend. Loves my granddaughter and will allow her to carry her around. Wished I had known about these cats earlier! She is more of a Calico color with orange eyes...very different but very lovable.
    Probably a mix...but if you tell her to do somehting she falls over on her side and will not move, will come when called .

    1. How precious! She sounds wonderful!
      Mine comes when I whistle Brahms's Lullaby!
      :) XOXO