Friday, March 12, 2010

What's on the Needles

Well, I just started a new knitting project: a little triangular furry shawl.

I know, I know, I bought yarn for a felted purse… But this came up in the meantime, and I just had to try it out first! J

(Maybe this is why knitters have so many UFOs in their stash.
UFOs = UnFinished Objects. We tend to juggle several projects at once.)

ANYway, here is the very beginning of my new project:

And the yarn is a glitzy silver eyelash! Won’t that be fun??

I got the pattern from a friend’s mother, who was kind enough to share it with me. I think she made it up herself.

You begin this shawl at its bottom point, so it will be fun to watch it grow into a large triangle as I go along. I think you can see the very beginnings of the triangle in this photo:

I decided to go with a M1 for my increase, since it’s so easy, and the eyelash yarn will hide anything. I googled “knitting increase” and got confused with all the choices, so I just went with the one I already knew. So far, I think it looks okay, so that’s good.

You know, sometimes, I wonder why I try to knit, cuz my brain doesn’t really compute knitting stuff. I think I’m one of those people who should’ve had a grandmother teach me and take me under her wing. But I didn’t, so I’ve had to take classes instead.

And unfortunately, while I’ve made some nice things (some socks, a felted purse, a felted hat, the usual number of scarves and shawls), I don’t feel like my knitting experience has been systematic enough for me. I don’t think I ever got to go from A to B to C. I think I was taking a knitted hat class when I should’ve been making something easier. So now I feel kinda scattered and deficient, somehow.

Where’s that grandmother again?? Oh yeah, heaven. Oh well.

ANYway, as I was sayin’, I plod along and struggle, and take classes, and when I get stuck, the teacher walks me through it, or even takes the needles herself. But sometimes I don’t think I actually “get” it. I think it’s been one of those “give me a fish” vs “teach me to fish” things. I mean, they’ve helped me do what the pattern wanted me to do, but I don’t think my brain clicked in, cuz I don’t think I could do it again on my own.

Like I said, I don’t think my brain was cut out for much more that knitting a scarf. But at least I don’t let it stop me! I just love yarn too much!!

At least maybe I’ve graduated from rectangles to triangles! haha

Lucky Dog J

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