Monday, March 8, 2010

First Signs of Spring

We have finally turned a corner, weather-wise, and freezing temps are not the norm anymore. After all, the vernal equinox is right around the corner.

But I knew that Spring was really and truly on its way when I saw this gorgeous daffodil last Friday, blooming out front.
The first of many.

But tonight clenched it.

Here in tornado alley, this is the real sign of springtime:
a storm tracker timeline!

Yes, we had our first tornado of the year tonight. Thankfully for us, it was way out in west Oklahoma.

For those of you fortunate enough not to see a storm tracker TV screen as a familiar sight, when our weather is severe, all network programming is pre-empted with live weathercasts.
All 3 major networks and then some. Sometimes for hours and hours.

Really. You don’t have to wonder if it’s bad weather, just turn the TV on and see if network programming is on or not.

And during severe storm coverage, they pull up the maps, plot a course, and give you a pretty darn accurate time of when the tornado or storm will hit your town, city or area. Even down to the street level. (!)

In fact, our first spring in Oklahoma, I was on the phone talking with my mother when the tornado siren went off. We had the TV on already and were monitoring the storm, and she asked me if I needed to hang up and seek shelter.

I told her, no, it’s not supposed to hit here for another 20 minutes, we’ve got plenty of time to talk. J

Technology is a wonderful thing in tornado alley.

Happy Spring!

Lucky Dog

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