Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Endings

I have to pass along the funniest thing that I discovered lately: whipped cream as a low-calorie binding agent, instead of mayo.

Low-calorie, you ask? How is that possible?

Well, it was light whipped cream. It’s an amazing 15 calories per 2 tablespoons, and only 1.5 fat grams. People, that is less than my light mayo!

The Miracle Whip and the light mayo are both around 35 calories and 3.5 grams of fat for just 1 tablespoon. If you haven’t quickly done the math, the light whipped cream is half that for twice as much! Who would’ve ever dreamt? J

What happened was, I was making chicken salad and got everything diced (just baked chicken breasts and celery), and found out that I was out of mayonnaise. I think it had expired. And there was nothing white in the refrigerator like mayonnaise except my can of light whipped cream.

But whipped cream? Isn't that too decadent to use? That's when I read the nutrition info and was so surprised.

Well, it’s worth a shot, I thought. I sure didn’t want to run to the store right then, and I was actually toying with the idea of getting out my food processor and making some mayonnaise from scratch. Good grief!

And you know what? It was pretty good! As a binder, it worked well, and the flavor was just lightly sweet. Not weird at all. Yum.

In fact, I decided to add some raisins, to go along with the sweet theme. And if I’d wanted more calories, I would’ve added some pineapple, but I didn’t, so I didn’t. Cuz then I would’ve added some chopped nuts and sliced water chestnuts, and then it wouldn’t have been low-calorie at all. But it would’ve been good! Some other time, perhaps.

But that cRaZy light whipped cream was so good, I may just use it on purpose next time! Who knew?? It was just one of those desperate discoveries!

To happy endings to culinary crises…

Lucky Dog J


  1. You always have something on here that makes me smile. Hmmmm, maybe I need to make a trip to Braum's. ♥ SM

  2. I think the light whipped cream has a lot of air in it. I have to agree with SM, you have a lot of "light" things to say. I smile when i read your blog.

  3. You guys sure know how to make me feel good. :)