Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring??

Okay, we didn’t quite get a blizzard like they predicted, but we have gotten a few inches of snow, with a few more on the way.

I put out extra deer corn yesterday afternoon, hoping that the deer would chow down before the storm hit, but apparently there is a little left somewhere under that slush.

Thank heavens, too, because one of the 3 deer that came today was Gimpy.

Gimpy must’ve slipped and hurt her leg this winter, probably in one of our other snowstorms, because she limps and hobbles her way around the woods. (That’s the only way we can distinguish her from the other females. It’s not like they look that different from each other otherwise.) It’s just so sad and pitiful to watch.

And because it’s so hard to see her limping across the woods to come and see if there’s any corn, I don’t need much more motivation than seeing her to make me grab those buckets and put more food out.

You can see how she holds her little leg up.

But ya know, she actually copes pretty well. Despite her injury, we’ve even seen her leap across the creek a time or two.

Maybe she has tendonitis like I do. I wrecked my right elbow when I was out cutting up all those crazy sticks the other week. (Aarrgghh!) So hopefully, we’ll both heal up eventually. Those tendons really seem to take their sweet time, though. Of course, it would help if I rested it more, but everything I do uses it! And all that walking around the woods, probably doesn’t help Gimpy, either.

Hopefully, we’ll get some more apple corn out there today, despite the snow…

What a cRaZy first day of Spring!

Lucky Dog

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