Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dogs and Doctors

In addition to having sweet cats, we were privileged to have the world’s sweetest dog for 14 years.

We lost him to cancer one year ago this week, and we can only just now look at our photos of him without it hurting too very much.

Again earning my title of Google Queen (!), this week I found a Pomeranian at a shelter online that looked just like our little baby. The resemblance was amazing.

In fact, I showed him to Mr. Man and he said, “I don’t remember that photo.” I said, “That’s because we didn’t take it. This is a rescue dog in Kansas that is available.” He couldn’t believe it and neither could I.

After lots of prayer and discussion over whether or not we want another dog, and taking into account various other factors, we decided to go for it. My new carpet would have to take second place. J

So Mr. Man called bright and early this morning, but we were too late. Someone else had already adopted him. As one of my dearest friends says, it wasn’t meant to be.

So, we have had to release the idea for awhile, and grieve a little bit over what might have been.

OTOH, I got a good report back from the doctor today, for which I am extremely grateful. (routine annual stuff)

So I guess it was a both a good news and a bad news day.

(Shhhhh... Lover Boy doesn’t know he came this close to being very unhappy about the new dog!)

Lucky Dog J


  1. I know the "routine annual stuff" you are talking about and why it isn't so routine to you. \o/ <--- me in Praise Position for you!