Friday, February 26, 2010

What's on the Needles

I am currently knitting another scarf for my nephew. Last year I knitted him a scarf in his his two favorite colors: hot pink and turquoise.

This year he decided that he liked the turquoise yarn so much, that he requested a scarf done entirely out of that yarn. It’s a fuzzy yarn from Hobby-Lobby, and it actually knits up to be a very soft scarf done in just the knit stitch. Easy, mindless knitting. Yay!

And I’m using a circular needle made from components of my Denise Interchangeable Needle System, instead of two regular knitting needles. I love the Denise needles because they’re plastic. Soft plastic. I like how that makes them quiet to knit with. And I also like how they’re not cold like metal needles and that they are somehow softer (more resilient?) than wooden ones. And I like how there isn’t a straight needle, poking at my ribs.

Apparently, it's yet another one of those Goldilocks things:
this one is just right. J

And circular, just cuz that way I don’t have to keep up with a second needle. It stays all together this way. I also like how the scarf just hangs off the cable onto my lap. I do want to try Addi Turbos sometime soon, but for now I just grabbed these outa the closet. And that’s the beauty of the Denise Needle System -- you always have the right size needle on hand.

So now that I’m almost through, I can’t wait to finish it and work on something of my own. Like a Vintage Bubble Bag. (Oops--I bought the yarn for it already!)

Besides, I don’t generally enjoy working on “assignments”, knitting or otherwise. I guess that’s why I never enjoyed doing calligraphy as a business. As soon as I got a commission, I couldn’t wait to get it done and off my table, so I could go back to my own stuff. Plus the pay was never worth the grief and hassle, but that’s a whole ‘nother chapter. Sheesh, maybe a whole ‘nother book! J

Anyway, I am such a process-knitter (I enjoy the Process more than the end Product) that I will putter away at it until it’s finished, happily ignoring how slow a knitter I am. I tell you, glaciers move faster! Oh well, it’s a good thing my nephew doesn’t need it for this winter, because at this rate, he’ll get it for the 4th of July! haha

So, what are you working on??

Lucky Dog J

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