Monday, February 22, 2010

The Power of Music

It is rare that I find a new piece of music that really and truly feeds my soul. I don’t mean to be picky, I guess I’m just not that easily moved or something. When I do stumble across such a song, it’s practically a life-changing event for me. J

So when I found a new piece by Chloe on iTunes last night, I was in love. Mr. Man did all the techno stuff to get it onto my iPod for me, so now I am set to OD on it today in the studio. (!)

Music is such a personal thing. What one person dances to, is nails on a chalkboard to someone else. But if you’re curious, you can check out one of Chloe’s songs here:

Now, you may prefer classical or country & western, or blues or jazz, but the point is, I hope you listen to some wonderful music and nourish your soul today.

There’s hardly anything as powerful as music to soothe the savage beast within, and heaven knows, we’re all stressed-out enough to need some serious TLC.

So I hope you play your favorite song for yourself today.
I’m going to.

May composers everywhere be inspired and flourish…

Lucky Dog J

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