Monday, February 1, 2010

More Creek Photos

Today I am posting two photos of our snowy creek that Mr. Man took with his iPhone. Aren’t they beautiful??

He was down there yesterday putting out more deer corn. The deer have been pretty hungry with all this snow. They eat as much as we put out, so we have to ration their food cuz I swear they would eat us outa house and home if we let them!

I had been feeling so sorry for them, thinking of them huddled up somewhere together, under a bush or something, trying to stay warm…

Then we saw a little herd of 5 of them, bounding through the snow, acting quite frisky! Ha! So much for sympathy and empathy!

But the raccoons. Now, the poor little raccoons probably are huddled up somewhere together, trying to stay warm… J

Lucky Dog

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  1. When we lived in PA, the landlord would get a truckload of apples that could not be used in processing and brought them out for the deer. It was dumped at the far end of the orchard. One night we thought we'd go take a look. Unfortunately, there was an icy crust on the snow and there was no chance of seeing any animal with the noise we made!! Lovely pictures.