Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Even-Bluer Marble

So, I have (finally) started reading my new book that Mr. Man gave me for Christmas, Heaven by Randy Alcorn.

It is so cool! He starts right off at the beginning and de-bunks the typical “harps and clouds = boring” notion that most people have of Heaven. Forget any vague ethereal concepts you may have had. This is different.

He goes on to explore what living on a brand-spanking-new Earth might be like. Ya know, as in “a new heaven and a new earth”. Wow. I haven’t gotten much past the first couple of chapters yet, but I think it’s going to be a really neat book. A fresh perspective, for sure.

Imagine getting to live on a totally unspoiled planet Earth. What would that be like?? I mean, there wouldn’t be any diseases or parasites. That means no mosquito bites or tick bites! Yay! In fact, no Dark Side of Nature at all. No pollution, no fear, no greediness, no hatred, no scarcity… no tornadoes! haha

Only good stuff all the time.

What joys will there be for us to experience?? We might get to take a nap in the curve of a tiger’s belly or hike near gorgeous waterfalls and never get winded, or have butterflies land on our fingertips!

How many flowers would there be??? Oh my! J

Just joy and abundance and goodness! It’s mind-boggling!
I mean, this old earth is pretty majestic as it is, so who knows what the new one will be like?? Whatever it is, I just know it’s gonna be spectacular!!! J

What would be your favorite part???

Lucky Dog

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