Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blue Skies + Sunshine = Happiness

After seemingly weeks of dreary grey days, we have sunshine and blue skies today! Man, oh man, I just did not realize how much I missed them!

Sunshine and blue skies just feed my soul. And apparently I am not the only one who has missed the patches of warmth.

Even the deer were out and about in the sunlight. Usually the deer wait for dawn or dusk, but today I spied them out at lunchtime, nibbling at anything green they could find.

Brilliant blue skies is one of my favorite things about Oklahoma. In south Texas, there was so much coastal moisture and clouds, that a totally crisp blue sky was a rarity. Not here. (Except for lately, that is!)

It has become my favorite color, if it wasn’t already.
I can almost feel my eyes craving some of the bright sunlight.

I’m gonna go soak up some rays while I can…

Lucky Dog

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