Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our New Camera

We finally got our new camera!! J

(Does anybody else appreciate the irony of me having to go get out my old pocket point-and-shoot to take a photo of the new camera, or is that just me??)

The camera is a Panasonic FZ35, 12.1 megapixels, and an 18X zoom. We chose it because it was a superzoom, and especially because it’s so lightweight. Under one pound.

Now, it doesn’t fit in a pocket or purse, but I already have one of those. And as much as I rag about it, for a tiny little camera, it’s really pretty great. So now we have the best of both worlds. J

Here is a shot of one of the red-breasted woodpeckers that come and eat the suet. I think that’s a fairly decent photo, given the low light and the fact that this is still technically a point-and-shoot camera. (Click on the photo if you want to really see the crumbs on his beak!)

I figure that if I need something better than this camera in the future, I can always get a real DSLR. This, from someone who uses the Intelligent Automatic mode! Ha-ha! (But I do want me some good wildlife pix!!)

Even then, though, this camera will not likely be outgrown. It will still be a perfect travel camera. Did I mention how lightweight it is? J

To fewer blurry photos…

Lucky Dog

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