Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We’ve had a little raccoon come up during the day lately, which is neat, but it also concerns us a little.

You see, normally the only time we see raccoons during the middle of the day is in May and June when the mommas are either pregnant or nursing, and they’re so hungry that they come for food day and night, anytime, any place.

But this little guy not only started coming during the day, he’d stay. And he’d stay and stay. Hours at a time.

Now all the other raccoons eat and then leave. But not this one. He would come and eat, and then (since it was bitterly cold) he would tuck under and curl up and sleep. For hours.

It’s like he would be sitting up and then tuck his head straight down to his tail and curl up into a tight round ball. Nothing was exposed to the elements this way. No paws, no face, just a round mass of fur. So it really was brilliant on his part, and he kind of looked like a giant, furry pillbug, all rolled up into a ball.

So naturally we named him Roly-Poly. J

Now, we’ve been feeding the wildlife enough years to know that when you put out free food you get the cute animals, but you also get the sick and the lame. That’s just the way it is. Frankly, they need the easy food the most, right?

So, we’re hoping that Roly-Poly is just being smart, hanging around taking naps and eating snacks, and not something worse. Cuz it’s just not normal.

In fact, we’re always kind of glad to look out and see that he’s gone, if you know what I mean.

Kinda like that goldfinch the other day that crashed into our window and knocked itself completely unconscious for hours. We were thrilled to look out and discover that it had finally woken up and flown away. Oy.

It’s fun to feed the critters, but it’s hard when they literally die on your doorstep.

We’re hoping for the best for little Roly-Poly.
And so far, so good. J

To all of us makin’ it through this hard winter…

Lucky Dog J


  1. He's one cute little critter. I'd be concerned too because I've only seen racoons out at night.

  2. I love your story about little Roly Poly, and I hope he's ok too. He's so cute.

  3. I think Roly Poly has found the BEST Bed & Breakfast in OK! And I love the way he posed for you.