Monday, June 30, 2014

My Pi Shawl

So, my circular shawl is coming right along…

After you graduate from the double pointed needles to circulars, you are really cooking with gas!  J

It’s so easy to knit.  Most of the rows/rounds are just the knit stitch!  In fact, 5 outa every 6 rounds are just the knit stitch.

After I knitted on this awhile, I decided to read up on circular shawls on the Internet.  Pi shawls, I learned, were “unvented” by the incomparable Elizabeth Zimmermann. 

I found out that they are the July featured project in her book, Knitter’s Almanac, which I promptly checked out of the library.  She wrote that this pi shawl is the perfect knitting project to take along on your summer vacation.  J

After reading the chapter, I fell in love with her concentric circles variation, and decided to switch to that pattern midstream.  Fortunately, I was in just the right place to do that.  This pattern is even easier and perfect for this yarn, where the changing colors are the main attraction.

You see, the only yarn that I had gobs of yardage available for such a big project was the one that I unraveled and wrote about in another blog post here:  Unraveled

To refresh your memory (or not), this is what the yarn looked like knitted up in a trinity stitch rectangular shawl:

Yuk.  And too stripe-y.

But with this new circular shawl pattern, what were stripes are now rings of color!  And I could never have anticipated how perfect this yarn would be for this pattern.  What a great accidental discovery.  (Yes, it's the same yarn!)

Here are some photos of the new Pi Shawl at various stages of its growth.

I’ve had to change to a longer cable twice because it’s growing so big.  Thank heavens for my Chiaogoo interchangeable set of small Twist needles.  What would I ever do without them?

I’m already up to 288 stitches around the circle.  And it does take me awhile to knit around it once.

But it is so easy and relaxing to knit that I imagine I will just keep going until I’ve used up all my yarn, if I ever get that far.

I may have to stop soon and try this pattern with the always beautiful laceweight yarn:  ♥ Rowan Kidsilk Haze ♥.  <Eeeeee!!!>  How fun would that be?!?  J  

And of course, I will still be knitting on all my other lace projects along the way…

This must be why some of my knitting projects don’t get finished very soon!  LOL  Too many WIP’s (works in progress)!!!

Lucky Dog

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