Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Inside Animals

Well, I keep forgetting to post my photos of the “kitten”,
who is now a year old, and he is a muscular, healthy male. 

Think 18-24 year old male.
He just needs to flex those muscles and run! 

Also, think Sherlock:  “bored”. 

Oh my,
the cat and dog aren’t entertaining enough for him at all!

The Cat Dancer toy is now his new favorite,
and I can’t keep it moving long enough to suit him. 

He’s learned to make a little nagging meow,
in fact, to let me know he wants it to move some more. 

More, more, more!
(It’s a good thing they can’t talk!)

But he is a Ragdoll,
so here is a photo of him all relaxed and long

He is long and lanky, so far,
just like the male that we used to have.  ♥

And he still does his little outstretched arms thing.

And when I do take him over to the Studio, 
he still scares me by getting on the windowsill.  

I don’t take him often, because he still acts like a kitten, 
wanting to get in and on everything!  

I am actually looking forward to him becoming 
a blob of a cat, 
so he will just sleep when we’re over there.

So, naturally, I take the dog with me to the Studio instead.
Here he is, waiting for me to come back from the house.  
He’s just so cute, I can hardly stand it.  ♥

And lastly, a photo of the female.  
Gosh, the fur on her face seems to be darker than ever!  

She’s just for looks.  
She’s not all purr-y and friendly like the kitten…  

But since Jackson Galaxy (from My Cat from Hell) 
probably won’t be making a house call to help us out, 
we just make do.  

I love on her a lot to be sure, but on her terms. 
But like I said, she’s so beautiful, 
she’s just for looks, anyway.  hahaha

I’ll share photos of The Outdoor Animals soon.

After all, it is June, 
and the mama raccoons all have big titties, 
so you know that means babies!!

Lucky Dog


  1. Oh that dog is too cute! Love the cats, they are such cats! Poor dog so sad seeing him waiting patiently.

    1. I know -- and he only had to wait a whole 90 seconds! LOL XOXO