Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thunderstorms and Thundershirts

Some storms came through the area tonight, 
and brought a lot of rain and, unfortunately,
a lot of damaging hail.

Lots and lots of hail.
And a lot of power outages. L

And they say the weather will be worse tomorrow.


Good thing I bought the dog his thundershirt already!

No, no, not for the Oklahoma CityThunder basketball team!  J
(Although that would be cute.)

No, this is a shirt that I can put on him
when there’s a thunderstorm.  
Like tonight.

He tends to shake like a leaf when it thunders, 
and this shirt is designed to treat anxiety 
and keep the animal calm during nervous times.

(thunderstorms, fireworks, trips to the vet)


It’s like swaddling a baby,
or maybe like a constant hug.

We’ve only tried it out 2 times, but I do think it helps.
He was still walking in circles some tonight, 
but he wasn’t shaking, so that’s nice.

It’s just so sad when they’re nervous and shake like that!

The company even makes thundershirts for cats.  
We’ll have to see about that…

At least it helps the little dog.

I wonder if they’ll come out with one for people??

Lucky Dog

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