Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Second Sock Syndrome?

No, no second sock syndrome here…
I finished my other sock!  Yay!!!!

And I even remembered the regular rounds
when doing the decreases this time.

I also learned something new.
And that was, how to determine how long to make your heel flap.

Most patterns say to make it 2-2½ inches long.
Well, I’m like, which is it??  2 or 2½?
How do I decide which to do?

Then I stumbled upon something written by Clara Parkes,
of Knitter's Review fame
(not to mention her fabulous books).

She said re heel flaps:
An easier way to figure them out is to simply knit
as many rows as you have stitches on the needle.

I began my sock with 60 stitches.

So with half of those stitches (30) on my needle for my heel flap,
 that meant I should knit 30 rows.

And it really worked beautifully.  The sock fits
Now I think I have my sock formula for my foot complete!

And if you’re a knitter who doesn't subscribe to Knitter's Review,
check it out.  It’s free.  www.knittersreview.com

The website also has all sorts of reviews that are archived,

 from yarns to needles and everything in between.

There are tutorials, how-to’s, free patterns, surveys...
It’s a great place to explore and surf for every knitter.

And she has a free sock pattern and tutorial,
where you can learn things like how long to make your heel flap!  J

Once again, I just love the Internet!

And I love my new socks! 

Lucky Dog

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