Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pastel Fix

"The unfolding of Thy words gives light
It gives understanding to the simple."
Psalm 119 verse 130

This is my latest pastel piece with lettering.
You all know how much I love making these.  ♥

But this pastel started out a little bit different.

Here it is when I first painted it:

I liked it okay, but it seemed a bit insipid. 
It looked weak and needed “strengthening”.

So I re-taped off the area and added a teal blue to the mix. 
Especially to its edges, for definition. 

Yes, just the ticket, don’t you think??

(You can click on one of the images, and then go back and forth to see the difference.)

It’s just embarrassing how much joy these little pieces give me.

They’re simple.  Colorful.  Delicate. 
They have a lot of visual texture and surface detail in person.

And they’re fun to paint and make.

I enjoy the Process and the Product.
That’s unusual for me.

And the coolest thing about this one:  it’s right-justified.

After the Peter Thornton workshop,
where he again demonstrated his brilliant trick
for designing a right-justified layout,
I find myself making a lot of right-justified pieces.

I just love right-justified stuff!

And, since I’m using markers,
I can use some of this commercial paper that I own by the ream.
Win.  Win.  Win.

Does it get any better than this???
J  J  J

Lucky Dog

Here's a scanned version:

(none of these look like it does in person--oh well)

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