Monday, May 14, 2012

Sock Redux

I am so excited!!!

When I finished my second sock,
I realized that it fit me way better than my first one did. 

I think that new formula for the heel-flap-length
really made a difference.

And I knew from my records that I had knitted the first one
6 rows longer than it now needed to be.

That’s when I knew…
I had to unravel my first sock and do it over!

I had 2 finished socks for about 10 minutes there!  hahaha

I hate to have “perfectionistic-like tendencies”… J
But I knew I could do it, and why not have them both fit nicely?

And since I would have the yarn from the 6 extra rows,
I knew I would have enough yarn for
sewing in the ends and then some.

So.  Time to unravel.

Now I was prepared to re-knit the entire sock...
But I realized that if I unraveled it from the toe,
and only unraveled it to right before the heel flap,
I wouldn’t have to re-knit the long cuff.

This was definitely going to test my wits with live stitchesJ

The first step was to find my woven-in end. 
Fortunately, I found it right away.  <wow>

I carefully pulled the end of the yarn out, stitch by stitch,
and then I had to un-sew my grafted toe.  (the kitchener stitch)

From then on, it was unravel and unravel,
winding the yarn in a ball as I went.

I wasn’t sure if all those decreases would unravel smoothly,
but they did.

When I unraveled the gusset and got down to the heel flap,
I realized that I could put half my stitches back onto a needle. 

I’m halfway home!  J

And then, when I got close to the end of the heel flap,
I looked at the wrong side of the fabric to see where
my Eye of Partridge stitch (with its slipped stitches)
came to an end, and made sure I had unraveled it all.

And then I put the other half of the stitches back
onto another needle, and I was set!


Over the weekend, I have already re-knit the heel flap
and turned the heel…

And I picked up the gusset stitches,
remembering to make the stacked increase in the corners.  J

And now I’m just merrily doing the gusset decreases.  
After that, it’s just the foot and the toe!

You know, it’s funny…

In my knitting, I gain more confidence from
fixing my mistakes successfully than from anything else.

Who knew making mistakes was such a good thing??

Good thing, too, ‘cause I’m sure to make plenty more!  J

Happy knitting, everybody!!

Lucky Dog


  1. I had to laugh at your knitting adventure!! It reminded me of a time when I bought a knitting book, needles, and yarn and set out to knit a baby blanket for a dear friend expecting her first child. After many trials and errors and staying up all night, I did finish that blanket, knitted a few more things and haven't picked up the needles since!

    Good for you to persevere and for choosing such wonderful colors for your socks. I guarantee they will be the most treasured socks in your drawer!

  2. Hi Dee! They are colorful, aren't they? haha Hopefully they will be great fun to wear next winter. :)