Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Nature Photos

 I forgot to post our upclose encounter with the turkey!! 

Look at those colors!

The week after his first visit,
he came all the way up on the back patio!

That was the last time we saw him. 
Hopefully, he met up with the rest of his friends
and they're roaming the rest of the woods together.

Look at those ears!

It’s funny... 
If we put out deer corn, we see deer. 
If we don’t, we don’t.

(Deep, eh?)  J

This year I am Container Gardening. 
I used to grow tomatoes in pots years ago,
and decided to try it again this year.

Why??  When we have perfectly lovely garden beds out back?

Because they’re out back!  Outa sight, outa mind!

I can tend to these so easily, here on the front patio. 
And I know they’re getting enough water,
because I water them every morning until they tinkleJ

And hopefully, there will be fewer pests this way, too,
and definitely no weeds. 
And I can keep an eye on 'em super-easily this way. 

(I pruned the basil a bit this morning
and enjoyed a yummy tomato & basil pasta for dinner. 
There’s nothing like fresh basil!)

ANYway, it’s just an experiment this year,
but I am really enjoying it so far.

What I did NOT enjoy was getting my first tick bite of the season. 
Thank heavens Mr. Man pulled it out as soon as I knew about it!

I cannot express my hatred for ticks vehemently enough.  <shudder>

At least most of the gardening is done: 
deadheading, leaf removal, ivy trimming, annuals planted… 

So if I stay on concrete for the rest of the summer,
maybe I can avoid getting many more.  L

Fire ants were bad enough in Texas,
but these ticks in Oklahoma are terrible! 
I don’t know how the raccoons aren’t covered with ‘em!

Speaking of, we spotted a nursing raccoon the other night. (!) 
Ooh, her titties were big and well-used!  Hahaha

Yes, I pick and choose which part of nature I hate,
and which I love.

After all, they can’t all be this cute…. J

Lucky Dog

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