Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So, so true

Because it's always black ink, right??

Lucky Dog


  1. The first time I spilled India (black) ink was on the new white carpet my parents got for my bedroom. What were they thinking getting me a white carpet?? I was a teenager and my colors were white, red and black. Carpet and furniture were white while the psychadelic wallpaper on the wall behind my bed had huge red and black flowers on it. All the spilled ink never did come out. Love the quote and this version of it. Love, Maura still in Charlotte, NC

  2. I have so many stories about black ink it's hard to know which one to share. Probably my favorite is when our youngest was about three years old and came up to my work table and grabbed the bottle and started running. I yelled at my teenager to take him out of the house and away from me until I could hopefully get it out of the carpet. I grabbed the windex which has ammonia and sprayed and blotted like a maniac. Fortunately for me, it did come out and I allowed my kids to return to the house! I knew it was only an accident, but I was ready to wring his little neck.