Tuesday, March 15, 2011

P.S. re Diabetes

Oh, I forgot to mention last week...  The diabetic cat is doing very well so far.  He is down to only one shot a day, 6½ units of Lantus insulin.  (Lantus is very long-lasting.)  And his numbers hover around 110.  We are thrilled.

(The vet said that before using Lantus, they had to be happy with numbers in the 200-300 range.  Apparently that’s THE brand of insulin to use with cats.  Who knew?)

And Mr. Man??

Well, he is doing quite well, managing his blood glucose levels, thank you for asking.  J

Oh, sure, he upped his walking, cut out a lot of those evil white carbs, started counting the other carbs, and started having snacks that included protein.  (Nachos!)

But his biggest change has come from using his “Magic Elixir”!

That’s what we call his apple cider vinegar concoction.  J

You see, on the very same day, believe it or not, I heard about apple cider vinegar from 2 very different sources.  A dear friend e-mailed me and mentioned it, and then I heard Patricia Bragg on the radio that very night, singing its praises.

Well, I can take a hint. Or in this case, two!  haha  So I promptly told Mr. Man all about it.  And believe it or not again, I already had some in my pantry.

So, now he takes 1 T. of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and puts it in 12 oz. of water with a few Sweet and Low drops, and drinks that before each meal.  And we jokingly refer to it as his Magic Elixir.  J

(You don’t have to dilute it that much, but he likes it better that way.)

But Mr. Math & Science that he is, my Aerospace Engineer husband wanted to make sure that it was really being effective.  That it was really doing something.  So we conducted an Experiment.  Same constant factors with only one variable. 

So, we had the very same meal two nights in a row:  roast beef, evil mashed potatoes (!), green beans, coffee, and Weight Watchers cake.  (Yummy!)  About 50 g. of carbs.

One night he did not drink his ACV drink, and 1 hour after eating his blood glucose reading was 169.

The next night he drank his diluted ACV before dinner, and 1 hour after eating, it was 116.

Yay!!  J  50 whole points!

Now, if you’re not into the whole blood sugar thing, this may not rock your world, but it sure does ours!

So, pass this along to anyone who may need to know.  But it has to be Bragg's brand.  With the “mother”.  (don’t ask)

Lucky Dog  J

p.s.  And the Dreamfields pasta?  Delicious. 
It tastes just like regular pasta, but with low blood glucose numbers!

p.p.s.  BTW, the Magic Elixir helps with heartburn, too!


  1. Hey Donna, I'm an artist and not a scientist so my apple cider vinegar usage is not as scientifically supported as yours...but I've been using a store brand for almost two years now with excellent results on my blood glucose levels. It's helped me not have bug bites too(yes, it really works for that!!) as well as making my pH levels more acidic when they're starting out kinda base, going from 5 up to 7.5. So I say, apple cider vinegar IS the Magic Elixir. Best of luck to LB and Mr. Man. Love, Maura in Charlotte, NC - spring almost here to stay

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  3. Hey Maura, does the ACV keep you from getting bitten or help reduce your reaction??

  4. Hi Donna, both. In the first year that I had 1 Tablespoon of acv in 16 ounces of water in the morning, I had three bug bites the whole year! And those were waaaaay milder than my usual, going away in three days instead of three weeks and not being as hopelessly itchy & swollen & red, etc. If I know I'm going to have a salad, I'll skip my morning acv in H2O and put the acv plus EVOO on my salad -- that works too. My wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Missy Taylor-McIntyre told me about this. She grew up on a horse farm in Pennsylvania and to keep the horse flies away they'd all swig about a Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every day. I tried taking it straight, one morning fairly recently, and had to report to her that when I stopped choking it felt like I'd been French kissed by a fire breathing dragon! She spurted her coffee reading that one. ;-) -Maura

  5. Cool, cool, cool! Please thank Dr. Missy for us!

    Yeah, drinking the ACV straight is a little too much for us! :)

    So bad reactions to bug bites are common to both of us? Add that to the list! haha

  6. Hey Donna, I think we're secretly twins separated at birth. Then you were given to a Christian family and I was given to a Jewish family. ;-) Love Maura