Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big D

We spent last weekend down in Dallas, meeting up with family and running around having fun.

And man, there were so many stores and cars and highways, I couldn’t get over it!  And it’s not like I haven’t been to Dallas like, a billion times.  J  I guess I’ve gotten used to Oklahoma without realizing it…

Texas cities are just so much denser -- population-wise,
traffic-wise, but also store-wise.  (!)

We stayed in Plano, and were surrounded by the most incredible shopping opportunities imaginable!  

“So many shops, not enough time.”  J

But the best thing we got to do was enjoy the Dallas Arboretum’s “Dallas Blooms Opening Weekend”.  It’s practically a tulip festival!  Wow, it was just gorgeous!  If you ever have the opportunity, go.

Here are a few pix that I took with my old pocket camera… 
(Where’s that new Canon PowerShot when I need it???  hahaha)

Lucky Dog  J


  1. I absolutely love shopping and vising the Plano area. And if you love antiquing...check out downtown McKinney!

    Did you know that I moved to Mpls?


  2. Hi Sara, Thanks!

    You know I remembered you moved up north, but didn't realize it was Mpls. How did your first winter go??


  3. I've thoroughly enjoyed the winter! Of course, having our apartment on the skyway system makes it wonderful...temperatures never dip below 65 degrees!

    xoxo to you too!

  4. Wow, you had some GREAT Kodak moments!