Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gifts from the Heart

Today’s offerings…  two more ribboned pieces.  J

The first one is a gift to our wonderful vet.  She has taken care of us for months for free. 

Let me explain.  Our male cat, the one with diabetes, completely stresses out when he goes to the vet, and it was affecting the bloodwork readings when our vet was trying to diagnose his problems.  So she asked us if we thought we could take the blood and use a glucometer on our own.

Well, we were already giving him shots everyday, so we said, sure!  Well, shots are easy compared to finding the perfect spot on the vein on the outside of a cat’s ear and poking it with a needle!  Thankfully, Mr. Man is great at it!  (now)  J

Anyway, every Monday for months (and now only monthly), I would call the vet with the bloodwork numbers, and she would tell us whether or not to up his insulin.  And not going to the vet -- doing the work ourselves --  meant we didn’t incur a bill.

Still, though!   Wow, right?

So at the very least, I want to give her a gift from my heart, to show her how grateful we are.  ♥

And this second photo is the same quote that I posted last week, printed out on the computer, and given “the ribbon treatment”.  It’s for a dear friend of mine.  ♥

Too much fun!!

Lucky Dog  J


  1. your ribbon treatments are the perfect complement to your fabulous letterforms! i know that your vet will love this gift from your heart! xox

  2. Thanks, Lori!
    The ribbons are so much FuN!