Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mother Teresa Quote

Here is one of my favorite quotations, done with my wonderful new Sharpies in hot pink and lime green.

On the first one I added some shadows with my Tria 30% marker.

(You might have to click on the image and even use CTRL+ to see the details.)

This second one, I also added some highlights with my Gelly Roll sparkle #700 gel pen.  They’re really fairly subtle, and the light has to be on it just so, for it to sparkle.

What fun!

Oh, and both of these are prints.  I scanned the original and printed out copies to play with.  (with which to play, for you purists)  J

And really, the copies are more lightfast than the original, thanks to the Vivera inks I use in my printer.  So… even better!

So… sparkle or no sparkle?  Which do you prefer? 
Because now I can do bothJ

Lucky Dog  ♥

1 comment:

  1. I can't really see the sparkle but I can imagine that it is fabulous so I say sparkle!!! Thanks for the pastel and kleenex tip!!!!