Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Knitters Elbow

You know, one of the problems of loving to knit so much is the possibility of overdoing it.  Sometimes if I knit too much, I can re-aggravate my old golfer’s elbow injury. 

Well, if that describes you, too, here are a few things that I am trying.  And if you have found some things that work for you, please share them with all of us by leaving a comment.

When my golfer’s elbow started to resurface again, well, at first I didn’t even consider that it could be all my knitting.  What does knitting have to do with my elbows?

But soon it was obvious that it really was due to my knitting.  And besides the obvious, knit less, I tried to figure out what was going on so I could solve it.

I looked at how I was holding my needles and arms and noticed that my left arm and elbow were up in the air and unsupported.  I think they were tense the whole time. 

(This can also happen to me when I type on my laptop -- a double whammy!)

I found that if I put a pillow under my elbow to support it, so it can stay completely relaxed, that really helps.

Another thing I’ve tried is wearing an elbow brace.  Sometimes I put it on before I even begin knitting to help keep things happy.  I don’t really like wearing it, but it’s an option.

And you know about me and ice -- yes, an ice pack can be a knitter’s or gardener’s best friend.  I have the kind that has a velcro strap attached-- and I wrap it around my elbow for awhile to reduce any inflammation and pain.

And of course, being the Queen of pain creams (!), there are always topicals to try.  My latest favorite is Penetrex.  (You might enjoy reading its reviews on Amazon.  They’re pretty impressive.)  I also like Topricin and Super Blue Stuff, but lately the Penetrex has been working out for me the best.

We knitters love to knit, and unfortunately sometimes we don’t even let an injury stop us.

Can you imagine that anyone would keep knitting when they hurt???

I don’t remember anyone warning me that knitting has such a compulsive/addictive nature to it!  If I were a crocheter, I’d say I was truly “hooked”.  LOL  (sorry)

Anyway, I hope this helps!

Lucky Dog

p.s.  Actually, though, all this does remind me of my doctor who wouldn’t quit lifting weights even though his elbows hurt, too.  haha  Humans are funny!


  1. Himself and The Young One swear by Tiger Balm for their muscle and joint pain. The Young One likes the Tiger Balm patches as they don't have a scent. You can find TB in Walmart