Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Favorite Product -- Remote Control

Do y’all remember the Clap On, Clap Off As-Seen-on-TV product of years ago??

I decided that I wanted something like that, but a better version.  And sure enough, I found it on Amazon.

Here’s a link to it:  Remote Control

It’s so cool.  You plug your device into it, and you have a key ring with buttons on it to operate it.  You push one button to turn it on, and another to turn it off.

Can you imagine the possibilities?

(I have a heater with a remote control and just love the convenience.)

I use a fan at night aimed right at my bed, and I just hated getting up in the winter and freezing while I rushed to get it turned off.  Now I can turn it off while I’m still under the covers!

You could have a light come on inside right before you unlock your front door…  Maybe you can’t reach your bedside lamp switch easily to turn it off before bedtime…  This could be really handy for outdoor or security lights...  Hey, no more bending down and reaching under the Christmas tree to turn the lights on or off… 

You probably can think of other ideas where it could come in really handy.

I just love mine!

Lucky Dog

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