Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hog Heaven

I think we are actually going to shift from winter to spring soon!
Thank heavens, it's been so cold this year.

I have been knitting on my lace projects all winter.
What a perfect way to spend a chilly, dreary day!

And I have been learning about the benefits of
using a kitchen scale with my knitting.

For example, when the rest of my ball of yarn weighs
the same as my project, I think I must be halfway done.

And here I am knitting with the kitten in my lap. 
Talk about hog heaven!

Here he is snuggled up to my knitting bag.
He is such a sweetie!

And I’ve actually finished one of my lace scarfs,
so now I need to block it. 
After I do, I’ll share a photo.

Happy knitting!

Lucky Dog

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