Friday, July 13, 2012

Mystery Story

[That title is an homage to Mr. Man, who as a youngster, taped faux radio programs with the above title.  You really need to hear him say it.  J !!   I think the full version was:  “And now, mystery fans, it’s time for… Mysssstery Stooooory.”]

So, here’s a little story semi-appropriate for Friday the 13th.  J

I had a little mystery of my own happen in the studio awhile back.
An avalanche of sorts.

What happened was, I have some shoeboxes on top of some drawers. 

And one of the inside columns of 3 shoeboxes had fallen on the floor.  Column, mind you!  And face down, no less!  And all the other columns of shoeboxes were still in position.  (!!)

And nothing else in the room was out of place.

And these are heavy shoeboxes full of art supplies.  And they didn’t even spill much, because they landed on their lids, upside down. 

Now, how does that happen, I ask you??

I know we’ve had more than our share of earthquakes in Oklahoma lately, but not that day.

And no, our little furry pets were not to blame.  The studio is above the garage, in a bonus room all by itself.

Very, very strange.  I just can’t explain it.

But actually…

It’s not quite as strange as the mystery that happened at our previous house up here.

One day, some workmen rang the front doorbell to do something or other that we had hired them to do.  But as I was opening the front door, I heard an absolutely humongous crash of breaking glass behind me, back in the back part of the house.

I dealt with the men, sent them on their way, and as I closed the door I thought, “Oh my, now I have to go clean up all that broken glass.”

I went back to the kitchen and den area, wondering what in the world I would find, and I found…  nothing.

Nothing, I tell you!

No broken glass, nothing out of place.  Nada, zip, zilch.  And I never found anything out of place, even when we moved.  I have never been able to explain that huge shattering noise that I heard.

Weird, weird, weird.

At least this time I found fallen items.  J !!

And I didn’t dare pick up the shoeboxes until I could show Mr. Man, and see if he could make up something rational that could explain it.  (He couldn’t.)  Then I got the camera to document the event.  (Yes, I’m a documenter.)

Anyway, most of my mysteries are the paperback kind:  the Cat Who series, the Cookie Lady mysteries, knitting and needlecraft mysteries…

Falling shoeboxes??  Headfirst??  That’s a new one.

Lucky Dog  ♥

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