Monday, July 23, 2012

A Knitting Hint

I discovered a new tip for my knitting!

Actually I can’t remember if I read it or if I made it up myself. 
I probably read it somewhere on the Internet. 
I read a lot on the Internet.

So often I get to reading and clicking to some other site
and reading some more, and by the next day or the next,
I can’t remember where I read about something
and can’t get back there for love or money!!!

Do you do that, too???  J

Anyway, if I ever find out where I read about it
 (if I read about it), I’ll be sure to edit this and credit them!

In the meantime, let me explain my problem and my solution.

You see, other than socks,
most of my knitting projects are kinda long-term. 
Not something done in just a week or two or three. 

Okay, who am I kidding? 
Very long-term.

Especially since I’m not a fast knitter
and don’t want to be one!  J

And ya know, really lengthy projects can kinda test one’s mettle!!

Sometimes I don’t want to pick up my shawl that I’m knitting,
 for example, and work on it because,
well, I guess because there’s no instant gratification. 

It would be just more of the same ol’, same ol’.
And later?  Yup, just more of the same.

Well, that doesn’t help me make any progress, now, does it?  J

But.  What I learned / discovered / read was…

Place a marker when you start on your project next time. 
Just wherever you are right now, place a stitch marker there.

Then, when you knit on this project for awhile,
you can see your progress from the stitch marker. 
Visually, actually see it!

You can eyeball and measure how many inches
you’ve accomplished this evening / week / month. 
And it’s very satisfying!  J

So I tried it on my ruffle-y “potato chip” scarf.

I put a stitch marker where I was and knitted for awhile,
and was very surprised that in one evening,
it had grown by a few inches.

Well, now, that was mighty gratifying, I must say!  J
And now, I’m much more likely to pick up this project
and work on it for awhile.

And someday, I may actually finish it!  What a concept!  J

In fact, I finished it last night!  Yay!!

Gosh, I love knitting!!

Lucky Dog


  1. You are as adorable as your "knitting models!"

    1. Thanks, sweetie! :)
      "Reluctant" knitting models, I must admit.