Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spacing Letters

To expound on the Prestianni Letter Spacing concept 
that I mentioned yesterday…

(Gosh, I hope John doesn’t ever read this!  LOL)

I have a photograph of a Welcome sign that I will use 
to demonstrate how to view the letters in groups of 3.  

Hopefully that way we won’t get bogged down 
with lots of  words, but can visually “get it”. 

Here is a photo of the complete sign.

It’s just a photo I found on the Internet 
that I have up on my computer screen 
for the ease of covering up parts with post-it notes.

Now in this next photo,
I have covered up all but the first 3 letters with post-it notes. 

Let’s look at the Wel.

Can you see that the e is not centered? 
It is further away from the W than from the l

Not a major problem, but you can spot it fairly easily this way.

Okay, going on. 

Now I moved the post-it’s over,
and isolated the next group of 3 letters:  the elc.

These look fairly equidistant from each other to my eye,
and the l looks centered between the e and the c.

Moving on,
I’ve shifted the post-it’s over again
and next 3-letter group is:  the lco.  

Good enough spacing, I suppose.

And now we move over to the next group:  the com

Here you can see that the m is further away
 from the other 2 letters. 

It’s off by itself, instead of being evenly spaced. 

To correct this, you would place it closer to the o
 so that the o looked to be in the middle of the other 2 letters.

And now the last group of 3 letters:  the ome.  

They are even enough,
but once you corrected the m (as stated above),
you would need to make some adjustments. 

And while they look even,
they are wider spaced that the other letters.

Besides, once you corrected the m
(as stated above),
the e would need to be adjusted likewise.


Using post-it’s like this is a neat way of
checking a draft of some lettering to check the spacing,
giving you an opportunity to correct it before the final inking.

What I mentioned yesterday on my blog,
 is using the concept of a 3-letter group as you write. 

It is more difficult
because the 3rd letter isn’t there yet,
but only in your mind’s eye. 

But with attention, practice and gobs of concentration,
better spacing is possible. 

(in only 3 or 4 lifetimes--I’m sure!  LOL)

Lucky Dog