Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lace Swatch

Here is a little sample of lace that I knitted.

It’s a new pattern that I just wanted to try it out
 and see how it looked knitted up.

And I also wanted to see how easy the pattern was.  
Or not.  J

For just a sample, I used some yarn that I don’t mind using up.

This yarn was an eBay purchase, and I don’t like it at all,
and now I have tons of it! 

No wonder it was such a good deal.
 Live and learn!!

But I can use it for this trial run just fine.

This new pattern seems to be very nice and easy,
although it does use some K3tog stitches. 

So I would definitely use super pointy lace needles for this,
when I get around to knitting it up.

It’s nice to just try things out, isn’t it?
It’s kind of the knitter’s equivalent to doodling, I suppose…

Lucky Dog


  1. Also, that way "swatching" isn't a bad word!
    LOL (You know what I mean.) XOXO