Friday, October 28, 2011

Favorite Product: Forever Cool

Today I am beginning a new feature on my blog: 
sharing one of my favorite purchases.

(Just think if we all had a Top Five List and shared it with each other!)

ANYway…  I stumbled upon this in Walgreens.  It’s kinda like a Chillow, only there’s no water, hence no leaks.  And that’s always nice.

It is a gel-filled mat that has great heat transfer qualities.

Walgreens had 2 sizes:  small for $20, large for $50.  I got the small, which is about 11X15 inches.

It feels chilly to the touch in the middle of the night, and helps me when I am having a “power surge”.  LOL

I keep it up between our pillows and lay my arm on it for a minute or two if I need to cool off.  You might want to put it inside your pillowcase or tuck it down near your toes.

If you ever get hot when you’re sleeping, maybe it could help you, too.

It really is a good thing.  J

TGIF, everybody!!!!!!

Lucky Dog  ♥


  1. This sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing

  2. Any time! :)
    It's at least easy and not much $$ to try.