Friday, October 14, 2011


We went over to Branson the other day for a little vacation. 
It’s one of our favorite places to spend a little downtime.

Oh, we don’t go for all the shows…

We go because, to us, sipping coffee in a condo
overlooking Table Rock Lake
is the most relaxing thing there is.

Branson is a great place to go for their lakes,
golf courses, and scenery.

This was our view  from the condo, zoomed in.

Branson, ironically, reminds us of our hometown,
Austin, Texas, so we feel right at home.

In fact, driving in on Hwy 65, you’d think you were out 2222,
west of Austin, with its curves and hills and gorgeous views. 

Apparently, the Ozarks begin at mile marker 30!

In fact, when I look at all the gorgeous mountainsides,
I think this is probably what Austin used to look like 25 years ago,
without million-dollar mansions all over the place
-- before it was super-developed. 

Branson is still that pretty, but don’t tell anyone.
It’s our little secret.  J

And driving around,
there are just so many panoramic views everywhere you go!

  We started joking, as we would round a curve
 and see a gorgeous hillside,
“oh yeah, just another spectacular panoramic view!”  LOL

And the trees were changing…
And they’re so much taller in Missouri and Arkansas
than they are in Oklahoma and Texas!

Coffee on the balcony = bliss.

But of course,
you know what Mr. Adventurous wanted to do…. 

(more photos of that later) 

The Butterfly Palace is more my speed. 

The 70% humidity gets to me,
but I recover while I shop afterwards.  (!!)

And I have lots of photos of that.
You would get tired of seeing
all my butterfly photos!  LOL


We shopped, ate out,
sipped some more Snickerdelicious coffee,
and relaxed.

I highly recommend it.

Lucky Dog  ♥

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