Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Butterfly Palace

Here are some of my many photos of the butterflies
at the Butterfly Palace in Branson.

You really should click on them
and view the larger sizes.

I quickly learned that butterflies
do not stop and pose for the camera.

Right when you get ready to snap the photo, they fly away!
How rude!!!   

So, just like with the raccoons on our deck,
I got a lot of blurry photos. 

Ah, well, that’s why you take a million pictures. 
Thank heavens we don’t use film anymore, right?

And of course, the prettiest, brilliant blue swallowtail,
the one that the Butterfly Palace uses for their logo
and uses on a lot of their merchandise…

It outwaited us and our patience many many times.
It just wouldn’t open up for us.

But finally we were rewarded with this shot:

The place was 83ยบ and 70% humidity. 
But to have the butterflies literally flying around you 
-- it was soooo worth it.

You have to watch out,
because sometimes they fly right into you. 

Oh, and they also they said to be careful and not step on any.

So here are a few of the millions of photos that I took.
Hahaha  Not really, but almost.   

I absolutely wilt in the humidity and heat
that they maintain for the place,

but I just love seeing so many butterflies flying around in person,
that I enjoy going again and again.

Lucky Dog  


  1. We took the girlies to a butterfly place when they were little. Butterflies landed on me, Himself and The Eldest, but not on The Young One who was 5 yrs at the time. She was not happy. We ended up staying an extra hour or so just so one of those fickle creatures would land on her!

  2. Well, ya gotta make 'em all happy! Or in the words of a friend of mine, equivalently dissatisfied. hahaha