Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plodding Along


Here are some more pix of the forever-and-ongoing painting project.  I’m still working in the upstairs bathroom, painting the drawers and cabinets.


Gosh, it’s hard to get all the sides of some of these things.  And I thought 6-panel doors were tedious.  Ha!  I’m working in stages to accommodate the 3-D-ness of these things and it feels like it’s taking forever.

After and Before.

Oh well, tomorrow’s Wednesday, so you know what I’ll be doing…  Painting with NCIS on the TV!  J  It’s such a good babysitter for me!  And now that I’m more familiar with the series, just listening to them while I paint works out really well.  Of course, I miss a lot of Tony’s great faces that way, but that’s okay.  I’ll catch ‘em next time.

And art-wise, I’ve had two good sessions in the Studio already this week (!), so I’ll be sharing more of that with you later on.

And yes, it’s still over 100° every day…  Aarrrggghhh!!! 
Actually, when I stay inside with the A/C on, I don’t really know how hot it is--hallelujah--but the turf is looking pretty beat.  I don’t know how anything stays alive out there.  Really.

I think we’re at 26 days over 100° so far this year--I’ve lost track.
Here’s the 7-day:

Stay cool, everybody!

Lucky Dog  ♥

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