Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Accordion Book

Here is a little accordion book that I just made:


I used really fun, rainbow colors for the inside,
so I purposely used neutrals for the outside.
(But I chose a polka-dot ribbon to betray the whimsy inside.)  J 


I used my funky alphabet with Sharpies,
shadowed the letters with a 30% grey Prismacolor marker,
and then “whapped” it with some white pearl nail polish.


That’s my favorite part--whapping it with nail polish!
It's one of my signature looks.  J 

Detail--left side

See the fun, jazzy marks it makes?
And I picked the pearlescent white so it's not too overpowering.

Detail--Right side

It’s kinda like spatter painting, but with nail polish!  I use a lot of arm motion, and do it in the garage with the piece laying on some spare cardboard.  Not only is it a little messy to do, but it’s a little “fume-y”, so I let it dry there and then take it back to the studio later to turn the piece of paper into a book.

And the bookmaking part was even easier, now that I’m using that mega double-stick tape.  It’s 3M Scotch 924 ATG tape, and is also acid-free.  I use it without the gun.  I’ve mentioned how much I love this stuff, haven’t I?  It’s a dry method, meaning, it’s not PVA--or even a UHU gluestick--so there’s zero wrinkling of the paper.  And did I mention it’s super-strong?  J 
(It’s what framers use.)

Accordion books are beyond fun and so easy to make.  I love them, too, because they’re tactile and personal.  And they’re kind of secret.  You open them for a little surprise or for a message just for you.  ♥

Lucky Dog  J

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  1. You get more bang for your cosmetic buck than anyone I know! Jackson Pollock would have called it 'whapping' if he had been as imaginative as you...

    Love the ribbon 'foreshadowing.'

  2. If only he had had my nail polish collection... hahaha

    p.s. I used eye shadow LONG before I owned any pastels. Such sophisticated colors!

  3. your little book is very sweet......and i love your letters! xo

  4. Update: I have gone back to using my UHU gluestick for attaching the strip of paper to its covers. It gives me more *wiggle* time to adjust things and square it up.

    With the tape, I had to have it centered perfectly the 1st try, and what are the odds of that?? haha